The Yukon

Yukon is Larger Than Life - come and visit us

The average geographical size of the 10 provinces in Canada, not counting Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, which are much larger, is 600,000 square kilometers. Yukon is just under 500,000 square kilometers and has just under 44,000 people with 34,000 living in Whitehorse – imagine that! Outside of Whitehorse is an amazing wilderness as you can see from the pictures below.

The Yukon Department of Tourism and Culture has advertised that there are more bears in Yukon than people, and true or not, this is an amazing place to visit and provides an experience that will never leave you – Boreal forests, lakes and rivers, mountains, the northern lights, wildlife viewing, and the natural beauty of the true wilderness.

There are vast distances for the eye to feast on, and enjoy natural sounds without the hum of human activities. Yukon is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit and experience, - not to mention Northern Lights viewing that is awe inspiring.

Often, people that have come to work in the Yukon never leave after saying that they will only stay for a couple of years.

Yukon, it's a magical place, go and see for yourself at Yukon Tourism and Culture:

Photos by Nicky Rosenberg

One of the unique things about Whitehorse is our diversity, that we have an amazing multicultural community. At the Canada Day parade in 2022 there were 62 countries whose flags were represented - including Israel.